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To send mail via matlab we need to tell to matlab our username,password,server etc. To doing this enter the following codes and modify it, it is just an example.

% Modify these two lines to reflect
% your account and password.
myaddress = ‘myaddress@gmail.com’;
mypassword = ‘mypassword’;


props = java.lang.System.getProperties;
props.setProperty(‘mail.smtp.socketFactory.class’, …

sendmail(myaddress, ‘Gmail Test’, ‘This is a test message.’);

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A digital telephone converts an analog signal(our voice) to a digital signal before transmission. While the analog signal takes on real number values, the digital signal takes on only a finite set of integer

values. We can model these implementation effects and save memory by storing the digital as
an integer data type rather than as type double. We did this by using the script in the

%% ====== Sources ======
% Load sampled (discretized time) analog sources
% with double values between -1 and +1.
load phonecalls
% See and hear both sources together.
% Note source clipping at -1 and +1.
hold on
ylabel(‘DOUBLE Values’)
title(‘{\bf Analog Sources}’)
legend(‘Source 1′,’Source 2’)
soundsc([source1,source2],Fs) % Stereo
%% ====== Source coding (quantization) ======
% Digital signals (discretized values) with scaled
% and quantized int8 values between -128 and 127.
sig1 = int8(128*source1);

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Learn Audio Programming

When using individual buttons the following code lets you access the status of a radio button ( un-/selected = 0/1) throughout the GUI.

Note: for getting/setting the rate button state in user functions make sure to pass the handle in the input arguments!

% MATLAB Code to get the radio button state {0,1}:

state = get(handles.myradiobutton,’Value’)

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 Step 1:

Download ns-allinone-2.34 package from NS2 official site. At present the latest version was 2.35    (http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/dist/ns-src-2.xx.tar.gz)

Step 2:

Copy the ns-allinone-2.34.tar.gz file in your home folder(/home/raj/Desktop in my case).

I have copied it on my desktop.

Extract the contents of the folder using command.

tar -xzvf ns-allinone-2.34.tar.gz                (it will create a file name ns-allinone-2.34)

Step 3:

Open terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and change directory to the ns folder.

$ cd /home/raj/Desktop/ns-allinone-2.34

Step 4:

Install the dependencies

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-4.4 g++-4.4

Edit Makefile.in which is found at this location ns-allinone-2.34/otcl-1.14/Makefile.in

as follows:

the line number 270 that says:
“CC= @CC@” and make it “CC=@CC@ -V 4.4″                       note : it is caps V not v.

Step 5:

Edit the file ns-2.34/tools/ranvar.cc and change the line 219 :

return GammaRandomVariable::GammaRandomVariable(1.0 + alpha_, beta_).value() * pow (u…

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Electronic Component Distributors 101

An electronic component can be any basic discrete device. An electron affecting physical entity can be an electronic component. Electronic component manufacturers make mostly industrial products. Do not confuse electrical components with these electronic components.

Electronic parts are standardly created with plenty of terminals. Basic components can be packaged discretely into networks. There are different levels a component can be classified as. Unlike active components, passive can not supply energy.

A battery acts as an active component because it transfers energy. If in need of an obsolete semiconductor supplier look no further. Contact your sales person to request details. If a large stock of electronic components is sought out, you need a well supplied distributor.

Two billion in stock is an approximate number that is very high and very successful when trying to obtain parts. A capacitor distributor should be experienced and dedicated at what…

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Geek Grandad

I have updated my LightwaveRF Arduino library to support dimming the lights using the information on the protocol from Benjie Gillam’s blog.

I have also updated my lwid Arduino program which drives my RF 434MHz transceiver and the ORControl Java program that interfaces between OpenRemote and the transceivers.

I can now dim my lights from OpenRemote!


The LightwaveRF library still needs more work on it, particularly on the receive side.

I am not yet decoding dimmer messages from the LightwaveRF remote. I need to do that so that OpenRemote reflects changes to the level caused by using the remote control. As usual for LightwaveRF devices, I have no way of detecting manual use of the light switch on the wall.

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Electronics and Electrical Products

No one home is complete without appliances. Household appliances are intrinsic and an inseparable part of any house. They are not the pieces for decoration but it is essential for a smooth and hassle free life.

In India, we have wide variety of products, bigger number of potential customers and even loads of merchants. Along with e-shops, high street retailers too have joined the arena. Toasters, juicers, washers and dryers, tea makers, freezers, water purifiers and shaver etc. almost type of household appliance that you want to buy is offered through online shops and cash back portals. These cash back portals just not provide all the major manufacturers of the world together on a single platform but also provide discounts; amazing deals and cash back as well!

Buying household appliances is not that much hassle free than it is today. You can buy online household appliances by browsing through internet…

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Edd Topple

New project as we start a new topic at university. Todays subject, embedding micro-controllers. This involves designing a circuit that uses a pic as its controller. Then we programme the pic to preform a task.

In this instance our pic will be controlling a model train crossing. With working lights and motors to raise and lower the barrier.

The first stage of the project was to design the layout of the circuit. Taking in to account all the inputs and outputs that would be required for the circuit to operate correctly.


Above is the circuit digram that has been designed. The majority of the outputs are connected to a plug with will connect to the model of the train crossing. The remaining LED is used so that the circuit can be test without the need to connect to anther circuit.

The next step is the veroboard layout stay tuned!

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The following code describes how processing to arduino serial communication can be done…processing to arduino communication is very helpful when kinect is used along with processing..

Processing code

import processing.serial.*;
Serial port;

void setup() {
size(256, 150);

println("Available serial ports:");

port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600);


void draw() {
// draw a gradient from black to white
for (int i = 0; i < 256; i++) {
line(i, 0, i, 150);

// write the current X-position of the mouse to the serial port as
// a single byte

Serial.list()[0] uses the first port in this list (number 0) and aud used is 9600 if you know the port you can give it directly..

Arduino code

const int ledPin = 12; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); } void loop() { byte brightness; if (Serial.available()) { brightness = Serial.read(); if(brightness > 100){ digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH); } else{…

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